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External Triggers

With the adaptability of Stark, VA can be integrated with various external triggers to provide a flexible and dynamic user experience. In the STARK framework, the integration of external triggers is seamless and can greatly enhance the interactivity of the assistant.

In this guide, we will walk through how to set up and use external triggers to activate the STARK Voice Assistant.

Setting Up External Mode

The STARK framework provides a dedicated mode for external triggers: the "External" mode. When you set the VA mode to "external", it waits for an explicit trigger to activate the SpeechRecognizer component.

Additionally, you can utilize the stop_after_interaction property in custom modes:


When set to True, this ensures that after the VA finishes its current interaction, it stops the SpeechRecognizer, allowing for the next interaction to be initiated by an external trigger.

Details on the Voice Assistant page.

Triggering Using start_listening()

Once the VA has stopped listening after an interaction, you can restart the SpeechRecognizer using the start_listening() method. This method serves as an entry point when you want to reactivate voice recognition after an external trigger.

Implementing External Triggers

Do note that you probably need to implement a custom run function to add cuncurrent process or create a separate thread.

The beauty of external triggers lies in their versatility. Here are some ways to integrate them:

Keyboard Hotkey Shortcut

A simple approach is to have a specific keyboard combination to activate Stark. Tools like Python's keyboard library can help in detecting specific keypresses, enabling you to then call start_listening().

Hardware Integration

For those looking for a hands-free approach, integrating hardware can be a fascinating option. For instance, using an Arduino microphone module, you can set up a system where Stark activates upon a distinct sound pattern, like a double or triple clap.

Fast Wakeword Detectors

Wakeword detection is a popular approach in modern VAs. Using fast lightweight wakeword detectors like Picovoice's Porcupine, you can have your VA spring into action upon hearing a specific keyword or phrase.

Implementations and Examples

You can find external trigger implementations at stark_place/triggers and examples of usage at stark_place/examples.

By embracing external triggers, you can elevate the adaptability and user experience of your voice assistant. Whether it's a simple keyboard shortcut or an intricate hardware setup, STARK's flexibility ensures that your VA is always ready and responsive, aligned with the needs of your user base.

Last update: 2023-09-21
Created: 2023-09-21